BIQ Artist Application

The Berlin Istanbul Quartier sees itself as a transnational art gallery that supports artists worldwide. Through broad networking, works are exhibited internationally and artists are represented on the international art market.

The artists can apply with their works on this page to be accepted in the biq program. On the one hand, biq provides a platform for networking for artists, thus opening channels for visibility on the international art market. On the other hand, selected works can be presented and sold in the exhibitions curated and organized by biq.

If an artistic approach matches an exhibition theme and concept, the artist will be informed and a selection of works will be agreed upon.

We are looking forward to your application.





Only pdf or doc please


Requirements: Only JPGS. 72dpi, max. file size: 2MB
Naming: Title, Actual Size, Year, Country

Description of your works (max. 800 characters)

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