Florian Schmitt

Florian Schmitt’s works are a calculated challenge for the viewer not to believe his or her eyes. He himself refers to his photographs, taken in underground stations in Cologne, as “temporary interventions”. They confound the eye, for they consciously make places that can be described as “transit spaces” in terms of Marc Augés the focus of photographic staging: Schmitt disturbs our fleeting everyday perception, which for the most part doesn’t pause, stand still, look at these “places of transition” – on the contrary, all movement is determined by the flying change from A to B. However, the photographs provoke precisely this process of consciously “looking” with playful calculation, for instance, when sparkling strands of tinsel are accurately fitted into the abstract tableau of two meeting red tiled walls and follow the vertical and horizontal lines of the joints. The eye stumbles. (Excerpt from “With playful calculation” by Katja Hoffmann)