Nazlı Ceren Ozerdem

Nazlı Ceren Ozerdem, born 1990 in Istanbul, graduated from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design’s Dual Degree Program (BRDD’14) with a B.A. in Art History and a B.F.A. in Painting. Her work is a constant challenge to create imaginary visions through individual selection, repurposing, and decontextualization of existing visual memory. It is an investigation of identity and a construction of a personal narrative at the same time, relying heavily on human interpretation. She has been in a permanent state of transit; experienced being a foreigner at unfamiliar landscapes, being a woman on the never-ending road, being a wanderer in the world without any sense of attachment to her existing citizenship. Central to her work is a quest for ‘rootedness,’ search for a ‘shared history’ and a pursuit to establish a ‘sense of belonging.’