Umut Yalım

Modern human… The era in which we lived made us one-dimensional and insensitive people unfortunately. In fact, even worse, all the emotions were synchronized in a very vulgar way. Almost all of us give the same response and reaction in the face of every incidents. These responses and reactions create that same expression on our face: A Playmobil Grin …
Now, in a strange way, we walk around with that Playmobil Grin. Everyone of us get wear that Grin on our faces. We’re barely able to connect each other even if we do establish a contact because of that Playmobil Grin. We’re practically like walking plastic deaths who are floating around with a smiley and grinny face.

Concept and all dresses are designed by Umut Yalım, photographed and manipulated by Ece Gürlü.